Reliable Provision of Renewable Energy

A network project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research 1st Funding Phase (May 2012–April 2013): Development of the R&D network.

RE|NET is an international network project about reliable provision of renewable energy. The R&D network to be created will focus on the development of methods and concepts that ensure a reliable provision of renewable energy in Europe. Reliable provision plays an essential role in the expansion of energy generated by wind, solar or waves. Intelligent power grids ("smart grids") are a key issue that allow for an effective distribution and use of power. Besides technical questions, social-economic questions such as the acceptance of these kinds of energy generation by the population or appropriate accounting models for customers also play an important role. The aim is to found and expand an interdisciplinary network of experts for the sustainable supply of renewable energies. It is important to harmonize the different research sectors in order to use synergies more effectively. The founding members are internationally recognized research institutions in the fields of energy technology, electronics, computer science and economics. Likewise, partners from other sectors such as sociologists, lawyers or climate researchers are relevant for RE|NET. The currently ongoing first funding phase serves to establish and expand the new R&D network that involves partners in the Baltic Sea region such as Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland or Russia. This phase is intended to build up sustainable network structures. The second funding phase, for which the network needs to apply separately, will support the initiation of specific joint projects. In this phase the network partners will prepare and submit project applications related to renewable energies to international funding bodies.

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